Our story

How WeRoad: Made for Adventure was born

Adventure in everyday life

Yes, we've done it again.
And by 'it' we mean we have created a line of WeRoad products, to help you experience adventure not only on the road, but also between trips, around town, in the office, and even (spoiler) at home.
So you can experience the WeRoad mood every single day.

Design and sustainabilty

We worked on the quality of the materials by looking for partners with a sustainable production chain. We designed, customized and packaged the products in Italy. Most importantly, however, we added WeRoadness to every stitch; from the prints on the sleeves, the labels and even the packaging which, (surprise!) has been specifically designed so it is reusable for your travels!

The first drop

We wanted to bring the WeRoad mood to everyday life. Our launch line consists of 4 different collections of t-shirts and sweatshirts, fear not however, we'll release a lot more products in the coming weeks and months (spoiler: not just clothing). Of course, we want your feedback, but also your ideas and proposals!
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