About WeRoad

Connecting people, cultures and stories

The biggest travel community in Europe dressing you to live your adventures to the full

The urge to travel

WeRoad was born in 2017 thanks to the intuition of Paolo De Nadai. After going on a group trip, he thought that it would have been a nice idea to combine the Millennials' urge to travel with their need to make new friends who shared the same interest to discover the world. After 3 months, WeRoad website was online and the first trips ready to be booked.

Building a community

From 2017, more than 60.000 WeRoaders travelled with us in 200 destinations all over the world, getting out of their comfort zone and discovering far-away cultures. After Italy, we opened markets in Spain, the UK, France and Germany, becoming the biggest adventure travel community in Europe.

Made for adventure

In 2023, the idea of creating a WeRoad clothing line came to life. We don't just want to bring people around the world, but also find the best fit to let them live their adventures to the full. We aim to create comfortable, practical apparel, crafted with organic raw material and made in a sustainable way.